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Licensed Nursing & Rehabilitation Home Care Agency


Employee Owned and Operated
Rose-Ann Gaskin-Rice’s BIO

Founded on Oct 22 2009, our company was started by a caring and supported individual Rose-Ann Gaskin-Rice, MBA. Ms. Gaskin-Rice worked in many different areas of health care in a leadership capacity, for more than 15 years. Most recently as the Practice Manager of an academic community health center in an underserved population, here in Springfield MA. Interestingly enough, the first job Ms. Gaskin-Rice obtained was an assistant comptroller at a Home Health Agency.

As the Practice Manager of the community Health Center, Ms. Gaskin-Rice oversaw the day to day operations of the entire health center. She was privy to obtain data that showed a no show rate above 40%. Many complaints from patients, when questioned, why they were unable to come to their appointments, were because they were too sick to travel or had no money for transportation. Some of the patients even thought that the health center would actually benefit from them not coming because the health center was way too busy, and at times they had to wait months before obtaining an appointment and then when they finally obtained an appointment, they had to wait for hours to be seen. The emergency room utilization reports would reveal that many of these patients used the Emergency room for acute issues, because they couldn’t get in to see their doctor or that they were sick at a time when their doctor’s office was closed.

After many years of witnessing the above issues; Ms. Gaskin-Rice desperately wanted to create a service with a multidisciplinary team to take the care of the patients. The nurses visiting the patients at home in an effort to bridge the gap between the patients, their primary care physicians and the hospital Emergency Room. Educating the patients about their illness and assisting with them with dealing the socio economic challenges they face that interferes with the treatment of medical conditions or recovery, further propel Ms. Gaskin-Rice into researching and subsequent developing a home health care agency.

Ms. Gaskin-Rice created an agency that is an employee owned and operated. If an employee had an invested interest in the company they would be more inclined to deliver continuous patient centered excellent care. Recruitment of only those individuals who have the passion for helping and delivering excellent quality care will be part of our team.

The name of the agency Patient Centered, was specifically designed for PCMC to focus on the patient at the center of care and treating that each patient as if they were a favorite family member.

Rose-Ann Gaskin-Rice